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Astrology Reading: Birth Charts and Proper Timing

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Choose an Astrology reading using your birth chart. At this time I offer the following:

Natal Astrology Reading: 90-minute Chart Consultations

This reading is 90-minutes or an hour and a half, which gives us plenty of time to dig in. If you have never had your astrology chart read before, this is the place to start.

You can come at this as a general birth chart reading, or we can address specific questions or areas of concern. Whether it has to do with a life-long pattern or a timing issue, the birth chart is the basis for it all. We can do a lot in a 90-minute session.

Depending on your questions, I may include various timing techniques. We can look at current planetary transits and progressions. We’ll naturally talk about your profected Ruler of the Year and how to work with that energy.

Electional Astrology Reading

Electional Astrology is the process of selecting an auspicious time to begin something. This is essentially choosing the birth chart for an important enterprise. The birth chart then informs how an event or project will perform in the future.

Often these readings will need to be customized depending on your needs. Begin the process by booking a 30-minute Initial Consultation. In this session we will discuss your electional astrology needs and the time-frame that you’re working with.

Following the Initial Consultation, I’ll send you an estimate and structure for any suggested future meetings. Most Elections will be two sessions: the initial consult where we discuss your needs, and a follow-up session where we discuss the Election(s) that I found for you. I will send a PDF attachment that explores the Election in-depth.

Sometimes you may have a longer-term project encompassing multiple dates. In this case we will simply work together and stay in communication. We can schedule additional sessions as needed via email.

Interested in a Different Modality?

I also offer Tarot Readings and Lenormand Readings.

Want to Know More?

“Natal” means birth.

When I was growing up, I put a lot of weight into the meaning of a name. My name, Natalie, also means birth. I identify with the painful and beautiful birth process, occurring one time after another over the course of my life. As a person with Pluto in the 1st House and a Scorpio Rising, I’m familiar with the birth – death – rebirth process. It’s a mainstay.

During your birth, there was a particular moment and location in space where you were destined to take your first breath in this body. That unbelievable moment infused your soul with meaning and possibility.

During the course of a 90-minute Natal consultation, we will look in-depth at that very blueprint that was cast of your life – at the precise moment and location of your birth – based on the local astrology of the moment that you were born.

I use a blend of traditional and modern astrology to teach you about your birth chart and help you navigate life events, specific questions, and future possibilities.

The first reading is an introduction to your birth chart. Any subsequent readings can be spent diving deeper into your chart together as we discuss your current situation, past events, or anything else that troubles or intrigues you.

Once you’ve scheduled your appointment and the time for our session arrives, I’ll send you an email with a link to join the video meeting. At the beginning of your session, I’ll ask if you would like a recording and, if so, a video and mp3 file will be sent to you afterward.

I offer free email follow-up on all of my readings, so please reach out to me if you would like to process your reading further.

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