Lenormand Reading: 3-card and 9-card Spreads

Lenormand Reading

Choose your Lenormand Reading

Choose between a 3-card or a 9-card spread for your personal Lenormand Reading.

The 3-card spread will provide a simple and direct answer to a single, specific Question.

The 9-card spread will provide a direct answer with a little more nuance about the situation. This spread is also intended for a single, specific Question.

About your Lenormand Reading

At this time, I’m offering Lenormand Readings by email only. This means that instead of booking an appointment through my scheduler, you’ll purchase your reading as a digital product in my personal witch shop, Hermes of VALIS.

You’ll receive a nice PDF delivered to your email and free email follow-up for your Reading.

I’m relatively new to Lenormand as a system. I’ve been studying Lenormand for 4 years, and I’m now opening the door for client readings. Enjoy reduced prices and beautiful written readings while I work on increasing my fluency in this divination system!

Interested in a Live Video Chat Reading?

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